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AAVS SEOUL 2022 : K-(  )
Social Algorithms 9.0  workshop
Date: 15-24 July 2022

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“The most personal is the most creative.” Bong Joon-Ho, film director of ‘Parasite’ from his acceptance speech at the Oscars 2020.

The Oxford English Dictionary recently updated a series of K-words, reflecting the changes of the global society beyond its borders. AA Visiting School Seoul of 2022 is looking for the next [K-   ]whether cultural, social, or architectural.

Taking advantage of being Seoul-based, this year’s theme has been chosen to flourish the various approaches, expecting the creative interpretation of contemporary issues placed on the discourse table. The new K-( ) can be emerged by investigation and intervention on a series of issues related to the urban conditions, and new thoughts can be tested for realisation and transformation of form and arrangement.

It can appear anyhow, anywhere, and in any figure. Whether as a new typology, sociocultural feature or spatial agent, whether artificial or natural, the new K-( ) responds to contemporary urban and architectural design. A city’s history and locality are inherited and embedded in architecture. This could be a social intervention in space, a generative design, or any new idea you have and we would like to welcome you and share your thoughts.

AAVS Seoul has been researching ‘Social’, ‘Algorithms’ and their co-location in the experimental architecture and urbanism for the last 10 years, and aims to open up a discourse platform adopting new design and pedagogical methodologies. The programme will run as intensive 10-day workshop with a series of lectures. Workshop will run on-site but may include partial online activities, subject to Covid-situation.

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Jooeun Sung is a chartered architect and an associate professor at Yonsei University, Korea, who interprets architectural design in the context of urban dynamics and investigates how design and its process respond to the live cities. She looks at and engages with elements of the city we live in, and fabricates physical and social relationship within.

Soomeen Hahm is the founder of the SoomeenHahm Design Ltd (SD), an architectural designer, researcher and educator teaching at Sci-Arc in the United States. Her research tries to tackle issues associated with the computational paradigm in architecture across multiple scales and through education, research and practice.


Hanjun Kim
Seungah Choi


Catherine Ahn, Fabrizio Furiassi, Jaehyub Ko, Hee Joon Lee, Jimmy Wei-Chun Cheng, Hanjun Kim, Dongyun Kim, Lloyd Sukgyo Lee

Jinseok Park, Jaewon Yi, Dae Song Lee


Jungeun An, Sun Q Kim, Yeseul Ki, Kitae Kim, Sumin Hong, Hyelim Yu, Hyejin Jeon, Minji Kim, Jieun Kim, Jiyeon Lim, Jiin Yoo, Dongjoo Lee, Jin Yu, Kyung Min Choi, Jaejun Lee, Haedong Choi, Donguk Park, Sung Tae Kim, Yu Jin Ko, Ryun Gu Han, Jisoo Kim, Hyunsub Lim, Su Chan Lee, Sei Hoon Lim, Soyoung Kim, Yerin Choi, Sowoon Lee, Solah Yoo, Jongwook Park, Jungyeon Yang, Jiyun Ahn, Rayoung Kim, Julia Kim, Eric Goh Pettersson, Lydia Alford, Jia Shun (Johnny) Xu, Isabel Solin, Alba Moncau Munio, Shimin Jiang, Yahan Yang, Yueyao li, Jiaxin Sun

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