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Social Algorithms 8.5

Symposium & Super Crit
Date: 15-16 October 2021

Apply here:
Social-Algorithms Research Group

The deadline for applications is:
14 Oct 2021


“Searching for new design and research methodology in architecture and urbanism”


  1. Who can apply?
    Anyone who is interested in new design methodology in Architecture, City, Urbanism, Landscape, Social, Computation and Design.

  2. Is there participation fee?
    No fee is required. Just please submit application form to get zoom link.

  3. Will it be conducted in English or Korean?
    The symposium on 15th will be conducted in Korean, and the super crit on 16th will be conducted in English.

  4. Will it be online?
    Yes, both symposium and super crit will run online.

  5. What is Super Crit about?
    Selected student teams and Unit tutors from Social Algorithms 8.0 workshop will present their project and agenda and discuss together.




Chair: Jooeun Sung (Yonsei University), Soomeen Hahm (Sci-Arc, USA)

Organizer: Yonsei Architecture, Social Algorithms Research Group

Partners: Architectural Association School of Architecture (UK)

Sponsors: Graduate School, Yonsei University / ICONS, Yonsei University

Programme Coordinators: Seungah Choi ((Yonsei University), Hanjun Kim (SoomeenHahm Design, UK)

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