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SoomeenHahm Design Ltd is a London based design studio focusing on design research and practice tackling the issues of computational paradigm in architecture across multiple scales and perspectives. The research looks at the ecology of computational power, technology and human intuition and see how this collaboration impacts on the design industry and physical environment. Approached from strong academic drives, the office is trying to bridge between academic interest and commercial practices. Practical work produced in the office includes from small products to large architectural and urban design – experts in providing conceptual design solutions. Currently the office is interested in the use of Augmentation (ie AR/VR) to execute complex and precise digitally generated forms. Questioning the future role of human, robot, machine and computer.

Company Portfolio 



Soomeen Hahm

Director of SoomeenHahm Design Ltd.

Design Faculty & Robotic Researcher of Sci-Arc [ Link ]
Director of AA Visiting School ShenZhen (former AA Visiting School Beijing)
Founding Director of Social Algorithms Research Group (former AA Visiting School Seoul)
Founding Member and Programme Committee at KICDT (Korean Institute of Computation, Design and Technology)

PhD Candidate, DDes, Florida International University (FIU), Miami USA [ Link ]
M.Arch, Architectural Association (AADRL), London UK
B.Arch, Tsinghua University, Beijing China

Former Teaching Fellow at UCL Bartlett School of Architecture (BPro RC9)
Former Senior Designer of Zaha Hadid Architects
Former Course Tutor at AA Design Research Lab (DRL)
Former Unit master at Architectural Association Intermediate (Int 13)
Former Unit master at Bartlett BSc (UG2)

Curriculum Vitae
Personal Work Sample

Soomeen Hahm is the founder of the SoomeenHahm Design Ltd, a design researcher, educator and architectural designer. Academically she is currently a design faculty and robotic researcher at the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc). Soomeen gained her Bachelor of Architecture degree at the Beijing Tsinghua University and her Master of Architecture degree at the Architectural Association where she studied in the Design Research Lab (DRL). After her graduation, she developed her interests focusing on research in generative and algorithmic design using computer coding, application of multi-agent systems in design, interactive/responsive environments, behavioural patterns of natural systems, as well as robotic fabrication processes and digital modes of production. Her latest research focuses on AR/VR, wearable machines and human computer interaction. She is specialized in coding, digital simulations and 3d modelling in various software platforms. Since her graduation, Soomeen has taught and lectured at numerous institutions in UK and internationally, teaching studios, workshops and short courses focusing on computational design. In addition to this, she is contributing to various online educational platforms and digital toolset libraries. While participating in different academic events, she tries to tackle the issue of computational design paradigm in architecture across multiple scales, through collaboration and exchange of knowledge with other experts from the field. She is experienced in teaching design studios. She used to direct multiple design studios at the AA and the Bartlett. The design studio she directed at the Bartlett – BPro AD – developed series of innovative projects within architectural design discourse focusing on design and construction by augmented humans. She is also an experienced designer worked several years at Zaha Hadid Architects and Zaha Hadid Design where she engaged in designing some of the most iconic buildings and products.


Hanjun Kim

Associate of SoomeenHahm Design Ltd.

Course Tutor at AA Design Research Lab (AADRL)
Skills Tutor at UCL Bartlett School of Architecture (B-Pro)
Research Associate & Coordinator at Social Algorithms Research Group (AA Visiting School Seoul)
Instructor at AA Visiting School Beijing (former AA Visiting School Beijing)
Founding Member and Programme Committee at KICDT (Korean Institute of Computation, Design and Technology)

M.Arch, Architectural Association (AADRL), London, UK
B.Eng in Architecture, Hongik University, Seoul, South Korea

Former Teaching Fellow at Hongik University
Former Lead Designer at L’EAU Design, Seoul

Hanjun Kim is the associate of SoomeenHahm Design Ltd, an architectural designer and educator based in London. He is a course tutor at the Architectural Association Design Research Lab (AADRL) Master’s program in London and also a coordinator of the AA Visiting School Seoul. He completed his Master of Architecture degree at the AADRL and his Bachelor’s degree at Hongik University in Seoul, Korea.
He explores the realms of computation in architecture and design, the methodology of interactive ways between humans and technologies, while his recent research focuses on the use of Augmented Reality and gamification in architectural fields. He specializes in scripting, generative design, digital fabrication, and multimedia production. More broadly, he is also interested in autonomous systems, spatial networks of human behaviour with machine learning and artificial intelligence.
He has previously worked in L’EAU Design in Seoul, where he led the design team for various projects with different scales. His experience in both academia and practice is spread over various aspects and spectrums in architectural design, from media, app, furniture, interior, architecture to urban design.



Siu Lun(John) Chan

Architectural Designer & Marketing Representative of SoomeenHahm Design Ltd.

M.Arch, SCI-Arc, Los Angeles, USA
B.Arts in Architecture, Curtin University, Australia

Former Architectural Designer at Groundwork Architects + Associates. Ltd. Hong Kong/China

Siu Lun Chan is part of SoomeenHahm Design Ltd, as an architectural designer based in Los Angeles. He completed his Master of Architecture degree at SCI-Arc and his Bachelor’s degree at Curtin University in Australia.
He explores the area of data analytics in relation  to architectural design decisions, in regard to human activities and how architecture responds to data-sets. He was also the recipient of the Merit Graduate Award for his data driven urban design thesis.
He had experience in hospitality and institutional design in Hong Kong and China, which he was responsible for from business development, client relations to project management.
Some of his notable achievements include participating in the award winning projects in Architecture MasterPrize (2019) and World Architecture Festival (2019). He was also involved in the urban design of “Guangdong-Macao In-Depth Cooperation Zone in Hengqin, China” and philanthropic projects of water facilities in Cambodia.



Yang Song

Design Technology Researcher of SoomeenHahm Design Ltd.

PhD candidate, CAVA, University of Liverpool, Liverpool, UK
M.Arch in Architecture, University College London (UCL), London, UK
Architecture Design and Parametric Design Teaching Assistant at the University of Liverpool
Robotic Fabrication Teaching Assistant at University of Liverpool

Former Augmented Reality Technology Assistant at FabPub Ltd., London, UK
Former Research Assistant at Southern Denmark University (SDU), Odense, Denmark

Yang Song is the Design Technology Researcher of SoomeenHahm Design Ltd, an architectural researcher and a multidisciplinary designer based in UK. He has been working for several years across projects that converge architecture design, augmented reality (AR), robotic fabrication and immersive design. Academically he is currently a PhD candidate, working on AR immersive design and AR-assisted robotic fabrication, at the center for architecture and the visual arts (CAVA), University of Liverpool. Yang gained his Bachelor of Architecture in China and his Master of Architecture at the University of London (UCL). His latest research focuses on AR/VR, immersive design, robotic fabrication and human-robot interaction, and he has published several journal and conference papers in these research fields. Yang is the architectural design and robotic fabrication teaching assistant at the University of Liverpool Master’s program, and he has successfully instructed several workshops at SD Platform and international conferences, including SIGraDi and ASCAAD.





SoomeenHahm Design Ltd.
+44 (0)74 9303 7338
8a Leather Lane, EC1N 7RE, London, UK

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