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Soomeen Hahm

Charles Allen
Siu Lun “John” Chan
Yufei Guo
Shilong “Gary” Zhu

Crossing over with the first week of the fall term, Graduate Thesis at SCI-Arc is the nexus of school events, cultivating an inevitable link between outgoing thesis ideas with incoming students’ curiosities. The weekend of reviews gives thesis students an invaluable platform to articulate, propose, and defend their work to the SCI-Arc community and beyond. 62 students and 17 faculty advisors will converge with an array of invited guest critics from within, and outside the discipline of architecture, to review, debate, and contemplate the provocations of this year’s thesis projects.

“Thesis is not only a demonstration of a student’s scholarship, skills, and ideas, but an ongoing endeavor of their professional and creative future. This year’s thesis projects take positions on compelling provocations of 2022. While each thesis is a personal and specific investigation, collectively, this year’s class gives us a pulse on the ideas and attitudes that will shape our built environments.”

Jackilin Hah Bloom, Graduate Thesis Coordinator


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Course Schedule
Week 1:
Tuesday. Sep. 7 Introduction to Design Lab Seminar
Unity tutorial 1 – Introduction to Unity & C#
Assignment: Choice of Device and Concept Presentation

Week 2:
Tuesday. Sep. 14 Unity tutorial 2 – Augmented reality & OOP
Student presentation
Assignment: Game demo

Week 3:
Tuesday. Sep. 21 Unity tutorial 3 – Augmented reality 2 & Mapbox
Student presentation
Assignment: Short video of the game demo

Week 4:
Tuesday. Sep. 28 Unity tutorial 4 – Render pipeline & ML Agent
Student presentation
Assignment: Project Video draft

Week 5:
Tuesday. Oct. 5 App troubleshoot
Assignment: Midterm presentation draft

Week 6:
Tuesday. Oct. 12 Midterm review rehearsal
Assignment: Midterm presentation & short project video

Week 7:
Tuesday. Oct. 19 MIDTERM
Assignment: Project package submission

Charles Allen
Siu Lun “John” Chan
Yufei Guo
Shilong “Gary” Zhu

Charles Allen & Siu Lun “John” Chan 

Yufei Guo 

Shilong “Gary” Zhu 

Intro Lecture 

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