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Platform III

Contemporary architecture must extend beyond the physical reality of the building. The physical aspect of architecture has become a component in a larger stack of digital platforms that demand equivalent attention and authorship from the contemporary designer. In the final semester of the Architectural Technology program, students will produce individual research projects, expanding and clarifying the project development from the second semester. These projects will both situate themselves critically to this contemporary condition and execute design responses engaging it.

MS Architecture Technologies

Program Coordinator: Casey Michel Rehm

Syllabus [ View ]

Kai Johnson
Yundi Zhang (Wendy)
Samantha Stapleton (Sam)
Adetokunbo Ayoade (Ade)
Wei-Chun Cheng (Jimmy)
Astha Kapila
Carolina Garcia
Yashwanth M (Yash)
Andrew DePew (Andy)
Saeri Shojima

Kai Johnson

Samantha Stapleton

Wei-Chun Cheng

Yashwanth MunuKoti

Andrew DePew

Yundi Zhang

Adetokunbo Ayoade

Astha Kapila  & Carolina Garcia

Saeri Shojima

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