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25-27 (Fri-Sun) November 2022
18:00 – 22:00 Melbourne Time (GMT +11)
07:00 – 11:00 London Time (GMT)
23:00[24th] – 03:00 LA Time (GMT -8)

Where: Online workshop (Zoom)

Level: Beginners

£99 (student Discount: £79)
– Use redeem code “STUDENT” to get student discount
– Groups(3+ or 10+) / returning participants (include SDP, Social Algorithms & KICDT) can get an additional discount. Contact us to check if you are eligible for a discount.

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This workshop aims to introduce polygonal mesh and fibrous formation through emergences from underlying behaviours and design authorships. The workshop will teach basic computational theory, and design modelling in algorithmic and Sub-D modelling. The participants will be able to understand the logic of generative and procedural formation.


25-27 (Fri-Sun) November 2022
18:00-22:00 Melbourne Time (GMT +11)
07:00-11:00 London Time (GMT)
(24th) 23:00-03:00 LA Time (GMT -8)



Day 1:
Basic Concept and Houdini
– Basic Houdini
– 2D fibrous Formation finding in 2D-
– Basic Conceptual Ideas

Day 2:
3d Formation in Houdini with Integration of GH
– 3D Formation Finding in Houdini
– Basic Grasshopper
– Procedural link between GH and Houdini

Day 3:
Animated Visualisation
– Formation Finding through Sub-D
– Structural Analysis in Millepede
– Robotic GH



– Animated growth diagrams
– Fabrication diagram



This course is for anyone interested in learning robotic fabrication and computational animated designs using GH and Houdini. It is designed for beginner-level participants and is suitable for those design students and professionals.

You will need to install the software prior to the workshop:
Rhino 7 (with GH Plug-in: Robots / Plankton / Millepede)
Houdini (Education or higher)

Level: Beginners & Intermediate
* No previous knowledge is required. However, engagement of intensive and iterative algorithmic tools is vital.
* Installation of all necessary software prior to the workshop participation is obliged. 



£99 (student Discount: £79)
– Use redeem code “STUDENT” to get student discount
– Groups(3+ or 10+) / returning participants (include SDP, Social Algorithms & KICDT) can get additional discount(£69). Contact us to check if you are eligible.



Alan ‘Ho Kyeong’ Kim (RMIT)

Alan ‘Ho Kyeong’ Kim is a PhD candidate, casual academic and multidisciplinary designer at RMIT Architecture | Tectonic Formation Lab with Boeing Research Alliance Scholarship. He holds a Master of Architecture with Distinction in RMIT Architecture and a Bachelor of Design in Architecture in UTS with AIA NSW Graduate of the year in 2020. Prior to entering the research field, he gained professional working experiences at Snooks + Harper, Bates Smart in Melbourne, AR-MA in Sydney, and Mass Studies in Seoul.
His PhD research aims to investigate the procedures of emergence in fibrous formation from algorithmic processes, robotic additive manufacturing, and carbon fibre as the material. His PhD framework will incorporate morphogenetics and morphodynamics in the architectural discipline to fabrication framework and design decisions.


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