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Steam Odyssey Seminar Exhibition
Applied Studies

6th – 19th DEC 2021

We have witnessed great advancements in emerging technologies over the past decades.A few years ago physicist Kaku forseed that in the future architects will be building and designing with augmented technologies. (Kaku, 2014) And nowadays, it is not a surprise that this has become a reality. Since 2016 empowered by the commercialization of Augmented Reality (AR) headsets by Microsoft, a lot of interesting architectural applications and practices have emerged (“Microsoft HoloLens,” 2021). Use cases of AR/VR technologies relating to Building Information Modeling (BIM) management and communication became a common practice nowadays.

More creative studies researching alternative structural possibilities by introducing AR/VR technologies are emerging on a daily basis. Such as the Steampunk pavilion for 2019 Tallinn Architecture Biennale is one of the most iconic project that is completely constructed using AR technologies from its fabrication to assembly (Steampunk Pavilion / Gwyllim Jahn & Cameron Newnham + Soomeen Hahm Design + Igor Pantic | ArchDaily, n.d.).

In this seminar, students will learn how to build an Augmented Reality fabrication setup. We will specifically learn how to build steam bent hard wood structures inheriting from SteamPunk pavilion and Steam Odyssay installation project. Hololens will be used as the main AR device, Unity will be used to develop custom applications and Rhino and fologram will be used to explore early stage fabrication exploration.


Roaster [ Edit ]
Yu Cheng Huang
Jingyuan Wu (Candice)
Qihang Fan
Austin Jeffrey Lightle
Holland B Seropian
Jacqueline J Huang
Saeri Shojima
Shilong Zhu
Siu Lun Chan (John)
Jackie Saucedo
Shraddha Shankar Kemse
Yuze Han
Ahmed Abdulgani Almohanna
Xin Fan
Yuheng Zhu (Amber)
Zihao Xu (Simon)
Yuxin Wang (Rock)
Shenghang Gao (Tony)
Yongjie Qi
Yufei Guo
Kaitlyn Brooke Cartmell

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