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Ancient Tree Civilization and Residence Future International Architectural Design Competition 2021

In collaboration with: iDEA Ltd.

Overall Design Concept

REBORN is a project aims to achieve sustainable balance between the construction process and the architectural results by inheriting the respectful spirit to nature from the client’s initiation, which is committed to save the invaluable life of the ancient trees and enable them reborn in another place. Such spirit is believed as the fundamental altitude to conduct many possible sustainable actions.
Hence, our primary design strategy is to discover creative opportunities to transform some existing resources to be removed from the site into characteristic design features. We realized that some already dead ancient trees and a lot of living trees to be removed during the construction of the projects have great potential to be reused as formwork for textualizing concrete finishes or the raw materials for some facade components.
Inspired by the harmony of forest including a big variety of tree forms, our second strategy is to achieve a coherent overall scenery by correlating the differentiated architectural types based on common cylinder geometry, either in collective order and individual form.
Last but not the least, our design interests in how to create value for all stakeholders through the characterized nature of every individual type, as well as the inter-relationship amongst them.
To sum up, our design drills deep into the beneficial spatial organization and physical form for the stakeholders to enjoy the sustainable relationship with the broad nature including the human society.

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