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Design Research
Competition Entry
Urban Planning

Design Team:
Soomeen Hahm, Hanjun Kim, Saeri Shojima, Jun Hyeong Lee

SBAU 2023 Seoul 100-year Masterplan Exhibition Idea Competition Entry 

Our site at the apartment in Apgujeong is specifically chosen as it represents a typical Korean mega cities’ old apartment district/block which built around the 1980s which often lack of enough parking facilities which often brings problems in public occupation in the ground floor public spaces.

In this project, we propose a radical rethinking of the public spaces at risk particular city block that consists of a typical 1980-built apartment block with public facilities such as schools and council. The rearranged streets lead to new types of occupation of cities.

PyungSang(Platform) – refers to a lifted platform often for social gatherings at Korean conventional  neighbourhoods. We are living in an era where technologies are not only our friends but they make decisions about our future. We forecast that in the very near future, Seoul’s old apartment blocks will be replaced with a smart city system – where in this particularly gated block, no one is allowed to drive without autopilot modes on. In this district, thanks to the real-time sensing and monitoring system from every aspect, everyone’s movement is monitored and predicted and therefore, autonomous vehicles can self-organize their high-speed roads. Humans no longer need to avoid or worry about dangerous traffics. People can picnic at “traditional highways”.



Project Credit
SoomeenHahm Design Ltd

Project Designer
Soomeen Hahm (SD ltd / SCI-Arc)
Hanjun Kim (SD ltd)
Jun Hyeong Lee, Saeri Shojima (SCI-Arc)

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