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International Garden Festival 2020

Augmented Grounds is a landscape installation project proposed for the International Garden Festival 2020 to be presented at the Jardins de Metis/ Reford Gardens in the Gaspesie region of Quebec, Canada. The proposal considers the history of Metissages culture in the region, using generative algorithmic design method to provide playful and spacial experiences.

Design Credit:
Soomeen Hahm (SD Ltd / Sci-Arc)
Yumi Lee (Seoul National University)
JaeHeon Jung (KOH SX Studio Inc.)

Augmented Grounds
Inspired by the colours and history of the traditional Métis sash, the Augmented Grounds garden will take visitors through a playful and colourful rope display of topography that reflects the pride of Métis culture and identity. In the garden, visitors can walk along the colorful contours of ropes, sit and lie down on the coiled seating, or run up and down on the mounds and the pools.
This garden is the Métissage of cultural pride and innovation. The Métis sash is traditionally made with the art of finger weaving, and draped across one’s shoulder or tied around the waist. The Augmented Grounds garden will represent the Sash through colourful ropes made of twisted fibres that will be tightly laid on top of the terrain to create a landscape of contours that reflects the different depths of Métis history represented on the sash. While the experience of the installation being highly analogue, the construction process of this topographic terrain will also contribute to a new innovative practice of garden design by introducing smart construction technology using augmented reality.

About the team
The team consists of architects and landscape architects, experts in design research and practice, interested in exploring harmonious ecology of human, computer and machine. Currently focusing on ways of constructing complex forms by augmented human builders – augmented by AR devices or wearables etc. – to develop unique construction processes that can not be done by pure automation nor by pure human labour.
During pursuing various expertise in their field individually in both academia and practice, the team collaborates for various projects such as design workshops, research papers and competitions to pursue their research agenda.

Metissage x Garden Experience
Our proposal will be built through manual crafting process by augmented human builders whom are wearing Augmented Reality devices.
While providing analogue and tangible experiences, our proposal is highly computational and digital in its design process. The circular and bubble like geometry inspired by a mathematical algorithm – metaball – allows the installation flows naturally around complex tree trunks within the forest providing unique experience of harmoniously interwoven digital geometries in physical and tangible environment in mother nature.

Official website:

Time Line:
Concept design by 2019.12.
Opening on 2020.06.19

Design Credit:
Soomeen Hahm (SD Ltd / Sci-Arc)
Yumi Lee (Seoul National University)
JaeHeon Jung (KOH SX Studio Inc.)

Student Collaborators:
YooMin Jeong (SNU Environmental studies)
ZaiXian Piao (SNU Environmental studies)
Gi-Hwan Yook (SNU Environmental studies)
Christine Lee (SNU Urban Design)

Press release:
Official Press Release
V2com newswire
Landscape Times

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