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Augmented Living
Augmented Interface Design for Daily Devices

We have entered the age of Augmentation – argued by Brett King – where machines and devices are closer to our bodies, we are no longer restricted by our physical bodies. We are using smartphones as our extended memories and intelligence and therefore we are already cyborgs. Different wearable technologies are developing at an exponential speed. They will be extending our bodily limitations in various ways and the immersive experiences will occupy our daily lives everywhere in all aspects. What are some inevitable developments that will affect our lives and the way we experience our cities? In this design lab, we are going to investigate and imagine ways how some specific technologies will change our daily lives and the way we interact with our surroundings.

Architecture Technologies Design Lab

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Course Schedule
(schedule is subject to change)

Week 1:
Tuesday. Sep. 7 Introduction to Design Lab Seminar
Unity tutorial 1 – Introduction to Unity & C#
Assignment: Choice of Device and Concept Presentation

Week 2:
Tuesday. Sep. 14 Unity tutorial 2 – Augmented reality & OOP
Student presentation
Assignment: Game demo

Week 3:
Tuesday. Sep. 21 Unity tutorial 3 – Augmented reality 2 & Mapbox
Student presentation
Assignment: Short video of the game demo

Week 4:
Tuesday. Sep. 28 Unity tutorial 4 – Render pipeline & ML Agent
Student presentation
Assignment: Project Video draft

Week 5:
Tuesday. Oct. 5 App troubleshoot
Assignment: Midterm presentation draft

Week 6:
Tuesday. Oct. 12 Midterm review rehearsal
Assignment: Midterm presentation & short project video

Week 7:
Tuesday. Oct. 19 MIDTERM
Assignment: Project package submission

Kai Johnson
Yundi Zhang (Wendy)
Samantha Stapleton (Sam)
Adetokunbo Ayoade (Ade)
Wei-Chun Cheng (Jimmy)
Astha Kapila
Carolina Garcia
Yashwanth M (Yash)
Andrew DePew (Andy)
Saeri Shojima

Kai Johnson

Samantha S 

Wei-Chun Cheng

Yashwanth Munukoti

Andrew DePew

Yundi Zhang

Adetokunbo Ayoade

Astha Kapila & Carolina Garcia

Saeri Shojima

Design Lab Summary

Intro Lecture


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