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Augmented City
a Smart City System in the Age of AI

Studio Instructor: Soomeen Hahm
Southern California (SCI-Arc)
MSc Edge Design & Cities
History & Theory Module – Augmented City

In the wake of the AI revolution, the humanities have been confronted with an unprecedented challenge: the relentless march of exponentially advanced technologies. Simultaneously, our cities find themselves at the forefront of this transformative moment, tasked with the formidable challenge of accommodating these rapid and continually evolving technological advances.

Welcome to Augmented Cities, a visionary studio dedicated to exploring the captivating scope and reach of future technologies that are poised to reshape how we live, work, and interact across our urban landscapes. Our approach is rooted in curiosity, focusing on specific facets of technology and unravelling their potential to revolutionise our urban fabric in the coming years. We offer glimpses into the future and work towards new imaginative engagements that illuminate the profound impact these innovations will have on our cities.

Daegu, a city steeped in history and resplendent in its beauty, is located in the heart of South Korea. It stands as a quintessential Asian megacity, marked by its a rich tapestry of culture, heritage sites, and, as in many bustling metropolises, a unique set of challenges and complexities.

Within the confines of our studio, each student embarked on this journey armed with their own unique interests, allowing their creative visions to percolate into new imaginative perspectives on the cities of tomorrow. In this article, we will chart these unique concepts, each born from an individual student’s passion and vision. These ideas, seemingly disparate at first glance, have begun to coalesce into a colossal, collective masterpiece – an artwork that not only draws the eye but is also woven with intricate narratives that build a rich tapestry replete with striking details. Each embellished corner, each line meticulously modelled, tells a story of what might be, offers a glimpse into a future where technology and humanity dance in harmonious cadence.


Author & Studio Instructor: Soomeen Hahm
School: Southern California (SCI-Arc)
Hosting Program: MSc Edge Design & Cities
Class Title: History & Theory Module – Augmented City

Class Participants, City Designers & Thinkers:
Aguilera, Alejandro
Almohanna, Ahmed Abdulgani
Chang, Jen-Tsung
Chen, Junyi
Heng, Sereyvathana
Hiriyadka Shetty, Raksha Shree
Lee, Won Jae
Sanchez, Leonardo Ruiz
Shu, Fang
Soltani Sedeh, Golara
Wen, Junhong
Yang, Jie
Zhang, Zhenhai
Qiyu, Chen

Additional Contributors:
Hanjun Kim
LinHao Eric Zhou
Maria Daniela Andino Donoso
Jeremy Alexander Grail
FangYu Liu
Akash Deep Ravichandran
Ara Keuroghlian

Special thanks to:
David Ruy Postgraduate Programs Chair at SCI-Arc
Karen Lohrmann MS Design of Cities Program Coordinator at SCI-Arc

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