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LAC] Invited Jurer
“International Architectural Project Crit”, LAC Studio Shanghai, China (20 Jun 2020) [Link]

MEAL] Invited Lecturer
“Augmented Distance”, Middle East Architecture Lab, World (7 Jun 2020) [Link]

F+P] Invited Lecturer
“Augmented Craftsmanship”, Foster and Partners, London, UK (14 Feb 2020)

SOM] Invited Lecturer
“Augmented Craftsmanship”, SOM Woman’s Initiative Shadowship, SOM, Los Angeles, USA (9 Jan 2020)

Seoul National U] Invited Lecturer
“Generative Design & Augmented Craftsmanship”, Computational Design for Landscape Workshop, SNU, Seoul, Korea (2 Jan 2020)

YonSei U] Invited Lecturer
“Augmented Craftsmanship”, Social Algorithms 6.5, Yonsei U, Seoul, Korea (30 Dec 2019)

KPF] Invited Lecturer
“Augmented Craftsmanship”, KPF, London, UK (29 Nov 2019)

AECOM] Invited Lecturer
“Augmented Craftsmanship”, AECOM, London, UK (21 Nov 2019)

SCI-ARC] Symposium Speaker
“Discrete Discussion”, Sci-Arc, Los Angeles, USA (15 Nov 2019) [Link]

ACADIA19] Paper Author
“Augmented Craftsmanship”, ACADIA 2019, Austin, USA (25 Oct 2019)

ZHA] Invited Lecturer
“Augmented Craftsmanship”, Zaha Hadid Architects, London, UK (17 Oct 2019)

HuaQiao U] Invited Lecturer/ Workshop leader
“Augmented Craftsmanship”, HuaQiao University, Xiamen, China(08 Oct 2019)

TAB19 Tallinn] Symposium Speaker
“Beauty matters”, Tallinn Architectural Biennial 2019, Tallinn, Estonia (12,13 Sep 2019) [Link Day1] [Link Day2]

Seoul Tech U] Invited Lecturer
“Augmented Craftsmanship”, Seoul National University of Science and Technology, Seoul, Korea (08 Sep 2019)

Seoul U] Invited Lecturer/ Workshop leader
“Augmented Depiction”, Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea (07 Sep 2019)

Young Architects Forum v.26] Invited Speaker
“Straight Forward”, Seoul Biennale 2019, Seoul, Korea (05 Sep 2019)

MyongJi U] Invited Lecturer
“Augmented Craftsmanship”, MyongJi University, Seoul, Korea (05 Sep 2019)

DanKook U] Invited Lecturer
“Augmented Craftsmanship”, Dankook University, Seoul, Korea (05 Sep 2019)

EAB19 Prague] Symposium Speaker/ Invited Exhibitor
“Augmented Craftsmanship”, Experimental Architecture Biennial 19, Prague, Czech Republic (13 Jun 2019)

SCI-ARC] Symposium Speaker
“Augmented Fabrication”, Sci-Arc, Los Angeles, USA (Feb 2019)

Heatherwick Studio] Invited Lecturer
“Augmented Fabrication”, Heatherwick Studio, London, UK (Nov 2018)

UNS Argentina] Invited Lecturer
“Computational Design & Augmented Fabrication”, TEM Lecture Series, National University of South, Argentina (Apr 2018)

AA] Invited Lecturer
“Data visualization in architecture and urban design”, AA Media Study, London, UK (Feb 2018)

AA] Invited Lecturer
“Data visualization in architecture and urban design”, AA Media Study, London, UK (Nov 2017)

IAAC] Symposium Speaker
BEYOND, Pavilion of innovation 2015, at Barcelona Building Construmat, Barcelona, Spain (May 2015) _Project SanD Print & Augmented Skin by RC6 team selected, invited for exhibition and presentation

U of Michigan] Lecturer
“Chemical Resolution”, University of Michigan, Ann arbour, USA (Mar 2015)

UCN Charlotte] Lecturer
“Chemical Resolution”, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Charlotte, USA (Mar 2014)

Bartlett] Invited Lecturer
“Open field”, Plexus lecture series #16, Bartlett, London, UK (Feb 2015)

GMC Singapore] Invited Symposium Speaker
Global Marketing Conference at Marina Bay Sand, Singapore (Jul 2014)

SKK U Seoul] Invited Lecturer
“Material behaviour driven design”, SeungKyunKwan University, Suwon, Korea (Apr 2011)

South Bank U London] Invited Lecturer
“Material behaviour driven design”, South Bank University, London, UK (Apr 2011)

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