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AA Visiting School ShenZhen

SD is leading AA Visiting School ShenZhen.

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Cities on Wheels: High Density City in Greater Bay Area
Friday 24 July – Sunday 2 August 2020

China has launched the ambitious Greater Bay Area project to be the engine of China’s next wave of national reform and urban re-development. If the past 20 years of China’s transformation was rapid and powerful, the coming 20 years are set to be sophisticated and top-notch. The Greater Bay Area is charged to be the most prospective bay area in the human history, i.e. a city chain including Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Macau, Zhuhai, Zhong Shan, Foshan, Dong Guan, Guangzhou, connected through the HK-Macau-ZH ocean crossing bridge. One of the major challenges is to deliver healthy and sustainable urban life while pushing for higher density of land use and more efficiency in integrating transport systems, such as the Transit Integrated Development (TID).

Shenzhen VS aims to propose visionary concepts of new city habitation, i.e. a Transit Integrated Development (TID) prototypical model based on the study of Greater Bay Area. We will essentially investigate the meaning of data to design innovation upon the emerging knowledge pragmatically. Such data-based design theme includes but not limit to data collection, data visualization, data standardization, data specializing, data conceptualization, and data parameterization into spatial orders. We will initialize design projects on the basis of the current ongoing TOD project, i.e. Xi Lee Station City located in the heart of science and technology urban corridor in Shenzhen. The goal of the project is to experiment the next generation of integrated living and transportation hub that embracing the foreseeable technologies and new life-style in living, working and moving. We will tour around the Greater Bay Area and observe what is happening, followed by thematic researches into the relevant case studies, future transport technologies, and urban life data. In the end, we will address our reflection upon the future of the transport hubs in Greater Bay Area with speculated images and visualized data representation. In response to the culture of ubiquitous computation in the new era of big data, we aim to develop a series of urbanistic concepts to address the question of what to compute for the TID projects, so that the outcomes might inspire the global think tank about the future of the urban and architectural legacies in Asia to other developing counties.

Shenzhen VS’ objective is to continue the platform for cross-disciplinary experiment on design ideas and techniques from the legacy of AA Beijing Visiting School. The course offers great opportunity for the students in the region who want to study architectural design in world leading schools or change the major to architecture. Participants will experience the international learning environment with systematic thinking, computational design and rigorous research methodologies. The pedagogic agenda of the CGB Visiting School is to learn data-based design approaches and techniques that generate design possibilities from the building scale to the urban scale in the context of Greater Bay Area when she is becoming the most powered Bay Area after the rapid urbanization and capitalization in the next decade to come.

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