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Social Algorithms 8.0 (AAVS Seoul) workshop is upcoming
Date: 17-25 July 2021

Apply here:
AA Visiting School Seoul
The deadline for applications is: 3 July 2021

Previous workshop info:

With another challenging year 2021 ahead, architects and urban researchers are asked to deny and re-define the past order of society. Whether living Un-tact or redefining home and office, we all are aware that lifestyle and space will be transformed. AA Visiting School Seoul respond to the changes that architects are faced to intervene, focusing on the theme, “Mutation”.

This year’s theme has been chosen to reflect the various approaches architects have been developing, expecting the creative interpretations of mutation will be placed on the discourse table. Urban mutations can be emerged by investigation and intervention on a series of issues related to the urban conditions, and mutations for the ‘new normal’ can be tested for transformation of form and arrangement.

Mutation can appear anyhow, anywhere, and in any figure. Whether as a new typology, sociocultural feature or spatial agent, whether artificial or natural, mutation responds to contemporary urban and architectural design. A city’s history and locality are embedded in architecture and inherited through mutation. This could be a social intervention in space, a generative design, or any new idea you have, and we would like to welcome you and share your thoughts.

AAVS Seoul has been researching ‘Social’, ‘Algorithms’ and their co-location in the experimental architecture and urbanism for the last 9 years, and aims to open up a discourse platform adopting new design and pedagogical methodologies. The programme will run as intensive 9-day workshop after a series of online weekly public lectures. Workshop will run mainly online but also include partial offline activities for local students and those who manage to travel, subject to Covid-situation.

*More detailed unit brief can be found via

Previous computational skills or theoretical knowledge is not required but preferred.
•The computational skills might be involved during this workshop include following (not a requirement for pre-knowledge and not limited to): Adobe Suite (Indesign, Photoshop, Premier etc.), CAD, 3D Modelling (Rhino, Autodesk Maya etc.), Visual scripting (Rhino Grasshopper etc.), Text based scripting (C#, Visual Studio etc.)
•The participants will be exposed to series of presentations, debates and discussions. Basic theoretical understanding of architectural and urban design will be a great addition to the program.

We are looking for teaching fellows interested in the agenda above(mutation). Successful applicants will collaborate with Social Algorithms Research Group seeking for pedagogical and research methodology and be offered a role of unit master. Ideal applicants are to engage actively in a creative and intense environment. Please apply by email no later than 1 May 2021 to

Your application must include:
•Full CV and portfolio/work sample(up to 20MB)
•Personal statement
•Proposed unit brief, methodology and expected outcome

Jooeun Sung is a chartered architect and an associate professor at Yonsei University, Korea, who interprets architectural design in the context of urban dynamics and investigates how design and its process respond to the live cities. She looks at and engages with elements of the city we live in, and fabricates physical and social relationship within.
Soomeen Hahm is the founder of the SoomeenHahm Design Ltd (SD), an architectural designer, researcher and educator teaching at Sci-Arc in the United States. Her research tries to tackle issues associated with the computational paradigm in architecture across multiple scales and through education, research and practice.

Seungah Choi
Hanjun Kim

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