Yonsei Winter School #2_ Social Algorithms

Social algorithms

2013 Yonsei Architecture Design Workshop

Time: 6 Jan 2014 – 12 Jan 2014

Location: Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea


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‘Social algorithms’ is interested in people of Seoul.

Seoul, as one of the largest mega-cities in Asia, is at the same time modern and historical. Although technologically developed and highly urbanised, Seoul’s urban fabric and life-style heavily rely on human scale – the software of the urban – as its main shaping force. This interesting mixture and contrast is what gives this city its unique characteristics.

‘Social algorithms’ workshop is interested in investigating the “software” part of the city and look at the people as the lowest level elements in urban fabrication. It is very interesting to find out how the people, community & social aspects of everyday life – as software, rather than built environment itself – hardware of the city, drive the evolution of Seoul to such high degree.

We will be looking at the formation of urbanism and architecture on the level of local communities, mapping the social data, and trying to approach this idea on multiple levels and perspectives by using two very distinguishing approaches – computational/digital and analogue.



‘Social algorithms’, led by prof. Jooeun Sung and architectural designer & programmer Soomeen Hahm, is a long term project that has been and looking forward to be developed by students and other professionals from multiple disciplines and field of interest. It will be the second workshop in the series of algorithmic design workshops held in Yonsei University, with the first one being held in December 2012.

This year, we will be investigating the urban software, using computational/digital crafting, augmented reality tools and analogue surveys and data classification.



During the intensive seven-day course, students will be intensively learning unique design methodologies and digital tools. Augmented reality technologies will be introduced through the use of Kinect 3D scanner/motion detector and coding in Processing/Java. Students will gather data and build up design methodologies through communication and survey closely directed by tutors.



Jooeun Sung is an assistant professor at School of Architecture, Yonsei University, a director of Openplus design lab, which interprets architectural design in the context of urban dynamics and investigates how design and its process respond to the live cities. Openplus lab looks at and engages with elements of the city we live in, and fabricate physical and social relationship within.

Soomeen Hahm is a senior designer at Zaha Hadid Architects, visiting lecturer and assistant tutor at the Bartlett GAD Research cluster 6 and assistant tutor at the AA Diploma Unit 1. She is an AA DRL graduate, interested in code based algorithmic design approach in architecture.

Experts from related fields will be invited to lectures and juries to share their experience and knowledge.


Requirement & application

Workshop is free. There are no requirements on age, degree, discipline or nationality.

Please e-mail openplus@yonsei.ac.kr with your short motivation letter and your full availability during the workshop period. Portfolio is optional but appreciated.

Availability is on first comes first served basis with careful selection process.