Processing Tutorial Series A//
This is a 20 part series of Processing tutorials covering from basics to middle level coding. This tutorial is suitable for biginer to upper-intermidiate level students. After this tutorial, you will be able to structure a basic flocking script from scrach. The flocking code is inspired by Craig Reynolds’ Boid.

Tutorial 01// Getting Started
Tutorial 02// Processing Basics
Tutorial 03// Processing Basics
Tutorial 04// Class
Tutorial 05// World
Tutorial 06// Accel
Tutorial 07// Bounce
Tutorial 08// 3D
Tutorial 09// Flock
Tutorial 10// OutputImage
Tutorial 11// GUI
Tutorial 12// OutputTxt

Reference Link//
Find more about Boid:
Craig Reynolds’ Boid.

Find more about application:
Urban Application
Flock Logic Performance
Crowd simulation application