SoomeenHahm Design is a London based design studio started its practice since 2011.The practice runs based on a design research which search for coherent local behaviors generating highly affected global outcome exploring the relationship between design process and the final product. The practice is interested in conducting parametric and algorithmic design research within architectural design and seeks for architecture actively engage and change in different time and environment which is highly controlled within intelligence of design, within systemic research through computation, robotic, structural engineering, sustainable engineering and parametric control systems. The intelligence of the shift from the design generation to fabrication is an important point within its research. The practice collaborates with specialists from many other fields. The merge of individuals is rich in it’s diversity and background, experts in delivering high quality of design products.


Soomeen Hahm   Director

Soomeen Hahm is the founder of the SoomeenHahm Design, an architectural designer and researcher based in London. She gained her Bachelors of Architecture degree at the Beijing Tsinghua University and her Masters of Architecture degree at the Architectural Association where she studied in the Design Research Lab (DRL). After her graduation, she developed her interests focusing on research in generative and algorithmic design through the use of computer coding, application of multi-agent systems in design, interactive/responsive environments, behavioural patterns of natural systems, as well as robotic fabrication processes and digital modes of production. She is specialized in coding, digital simulations and 3d modelling in various software platforms. Since her graduation, Soomeen has taught and lectured at numerous institutions in UK and internationally, teaching studios, workshops and short courses focusing on computational design. In addition to this, she is contributing to various online educational platforms and digital toolset libraries. While participating in different academic events, she tries to tackle the issue of agent based design paradigm in architecture across multiple scales, through collaboration and exchange of knowledge with other experts from the field. She is currently teaching at the Bartlett UCL co-directing a design studio dealing with unique computational workflow while running her own practice. She is also an experienced designer worked several years at Zaha Hadid Architects and Zaha Hadid Design where she engaged in designing some of the most iconic buildings and products.



email:  s.hahm@soomeenhahm.com

address:  5 Hatton Wall, EC1N 8HX, London, UK