AAD1T1_Augmented Agents

Augmented agents

AA Diploma Unit 1 supporting workshop



Brief of term 01 structure

Augmented agents is a supporting workshop program of Augmented Exuberance with 8 ~ 12 sessions of technical tutorials. The workshop is structured in a way which will help students to understand generative algorithmic design methodology, use of multi-agent systems and use of the augmented reality technology. The workshop is based on series of intensive coding exercises within scripting environment in Processing/Java and Softimage ICE. During the workshop students will be introduced to various algorithmic methods such as cellular automata, fractal, force field, mathematical mapping, vector simulation, physics and real time interaction technique through multiple media (camera, sns/ GPS data collection etc), followed by procedural modeling techniques and introduction to production workflow.

Each tutorial will be structured not only as introduction of techniques and algorithms, but also as interactive design exercise. During the tutorial, students will be asked to actively engage with coding and be able to modify the rules and contribute to the complexity of each script. At the end of the tutorial, each student is expected to produce their own unique methodological repertoires, which can be carried on and extend into their project design.

Main algorithm and techniques to be introduced:

Rule based algorithm:

  • Cellular Automata
  • Genetic Algorithm
  • Boids (Flocking)
  • Wave Map Function
  • Spring Forces
  • Fluid
  • Fractal/ L-system
  • Vector Field

Augmented Reality Techniques:

  • Camera interaction
  • Data collection through multi-media
  • Data feedback from physical matter (3D printing, material output)


Reading list

  • Scripting the future _ Neil Leach_Tongji University
  • Computational Design Thinking _ Achim Menges and Sean Ahlquist_ WILEY
  • Architectural Design Magazine: Versatility and Vicissitude_Michael Hensel and Achim Menges_ WILEY
  • Architectural Design Magazine: Mathematics of space_WILEY
  • Emergence: The Connected Lives of Ants, Brains, Cities, and Software_ Steven Johnson_SCRIBNER